Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 3

Days 8-10

The group swam through the water in the room they were in and proceeded through the narrow treasure room. They continued through the dungeon, scouring it for all treasure. They found a message written to Slazzik Balefire about a shipment of enchanted weapons being delivered to the cave.

On a return trip to town, the group encountered a Lupinal that wanted to drive out nearby Kuo-Toa. Brutus convinced him that there was a goblin army to the north that needed to be taken care of. He also warned him of Jack, in an attempt to drive the donkey man away.

In town, they sold their treasures, and debated on whether to travel to another town for better supplies. Brutus forged a restraining order against Jack, but no one saw him in town, so they returned to the cave.

They traveled along a river on a raft constructed from a large mushroom. They then went deeper into the cave and found themselves attacked by a giant spider. Quickly dispatching it, they landed on a shore and encountered an emaciated man who tried to bite Arturia. She quickly dispatched of him and they set up camp for the night.

Unfortunately, their rest was interrupted by a Lemure. Once they defeated it, they continued to sleep.



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