Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 4

Day 11-20

After waking up, the group was attacked by Shadow Asps. They traveled through the small tunnel and found a ghoul amongst open graves. They defeated the ghoul and its undead allies and destroyed the bones by the graves in order to prevent them from rising.

They took all of the treasure there, including a black-bladed sword of ornate quality. They then decided to go to Khor’Mot. Arturia met a bard named Tune Majii, who asked her to keep an eye out for her missing father. They attempted to trade their magic sword for a bag of holding, but no one could determine the material the blade was made of.

On their return trip to the cave, the party encountered a rather big bird. It struck hard and took a long time to fell, but they defeated it, planning to use it for food.



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