Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 5

The group stumbled upon the corpses of some adventurers. They read a note clutched in the hand of one of them and found out that they were awaiting a savior from Obad-Hai while being attacked by the kobold cultists. The group continued into the cave and encountered a group of snipers, that they quickly dispatched. Their wanderings also led them to a dwarf who attacked them. They were able to disarm, subdue, and calm the dwarf, who mentioned he was trapped by the kobolds before leaving on his way. Continuing on, they found their way into a temple-like room. Gendra saw a demonic-like being attack her, but the others did not. They defeated a small group of Lemures and Gendra realized that the demon she saw was actually some kind of illusion.



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