Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 7

Days 20-24

The party ventured deep into the forgotten remains of the tower of Tsathzar Rho. They faced many dangers there, including a room that warped them around randomly. They eventually came across the leader of the kobolds, Baraz Mahk.. The party’s attempt at diplomacy failed, but they were easily able to fend him off and defeat the rest of his forces. The party decided to rest and travel before continuing further, and found out that Jack had allied himself with the Lupinal. Arturia had been plagued by visions of evil and received a direct warning from Heironeous, saying there was one evil left.

At their return to the lost vault, they encountered a room that seemed empty. Marcylla, however, saw a horrific sight. A monstrous being being born from an egg of humanoid flesh and organs. The being attacked her as well as the horrible organs and tendrils that littered the horrible realm. She was nearly killed because her allies suspected all that she saw was an illusion. The party retreated when they realized this was not the case, and Brutus stepped in, witnessing the same horror. With two swift punches, the fell beast was vanquished. Once the world faded back into its normal state, the only change in the room was a piece of armor, laying in the corner.

On their return to Haddler’s Gap, the party found themselves congratulated on a job well done and the remaining kobolds destroyed, exploded by some unknown power. Gendra encountered a begger, and upon giving him money, was rewarded by a slip of paper in her hand. The paper was a letter given to the party by Captin Sentri



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