Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 8

Day 38

[The Previous Session had never been recorded]

After long traveling, interrogating, and selling, the party arrives at the Great Swamp, where the Dragon Cult was going to purchase weapons. Once at the swamp, the group could hear the sound of battle. They rushed to see what was happening and saw three of the orcs they were chasing battling Content Not Found: Stygoth-the-Damned. They defeated the dragon and ran into the Lizardfolk named Goober.

Goober wanted them to leave the swamp, but Brutus intimidated him and forced him to show the party where the Dragon lived. They found out that the lizardfolk in the area worshiped some kind of being and eventually found the lair.

Within the lair, they found the corpse of a humanoid who wrote a note detailing the disease Stygoth had contracted. The Party decided to take the treasure back to town and along the way met the Mad Hermit. They defeated the hermit and found out his plans to defeat the “Witch Queen.”



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