Knight of Alteritten


HD: 16 hp Initiative: Speed: Human Knight Medium AC: 17 (+5 armor, +2 dex) Touch 12, Flat-Footed 15 Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+5 Attack: Halberd +7 (1d10+6×3) Full Attack: Halberd +7 (1d10+6×3) Space/Reach: 5/5 SA: Fighting Challenge +1, Knight’s Challenge, Knight’s Code SQ: Saves: Fort +4, Reflex +1, Will +3 Abilities: STR 18, DEX 14, CON 18, INT 16, WIS 12, CHA 17 Skills: Climb +8, Handle Animal +7, Intimidate +8, Jump +8, Knowledge (Nobility/Royalty) +7 Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge Alignment: LG


Auturia was sent with group from Alteritten to seek the whereabouts of an artifact known as the Tome of the Night’s Sky. She and her comrades were attacked by a powerful draconic force in the dead of night. Being the only survivor, she crawled away from the slaughter and is now stranded in a foreign land.


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