Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 8
Day 38

[The Previous Session had never been recorded]

After long traveling, interrogating, and selling, the party arrives at the Great Swamp, where the Dragon Cult was going to purchase weapons. Once at the swamp, the group could hear the sound of battle. They rushed to see what was happening and saw three of the orcs they were chasing battling Content Not Found: Stygoth-the-Damned. They defeated the dragon and ran into the Lizardfolk named Goober.

Goober wanted them to leave the swamp, but Brutus intimidated him and forced him to show the party where the Dragon lived. They found out that the lizardfolk in the area worshiped some kind of being and eventually found the lair.

Within the lair, they found the corpse of a humanoid who wrote a note detailing the disease Stygoth had contracted. The Party decided to take the treasure back to town and along the way met the Mad Hermit. They defeated the hermit and found out his plans to defeat the “Witch Queen.”

Adventure Log 7
Days 20-24

The party ventured deep into the forgotten remains of the tower of Tsathzar Rho. They faced many dangers there, including a room that warped them around randomly. They eventually came across the leader of the kobolds, Baraz Mahk.. The party’s attempt at diplomacy failed, but they were easily able to fend him off and defeat the rest of his forces. The party decided to rest and travel before continuing further, and found out that Jack had allied himself with the Lupinal. Arturia had been plagued by visions of evil and received a direct warning from Heironeous, saying there was one evil left.

At their return to the lost vault, they encountered a room that seemed empty. Marcylla, however, saw a horrific sight. A monstrous being being born from an egg of humanoid flesh and organs. The being attacked her as well as the horrible organs and tendrils that littered the horrible realm. She was nearly killed because her allies suspected all that she saw was an illusion. The party retreated when they realized this was not the case, and Brutus stepped in, witnessing the same horror. With two swift punches, the fell beast was vanquished. Once the world faded back into its normal state, the only change in the room was a piece of armor, laying in the corner.

On their return to Haddler’s Gap, the party found themselves congratulated on a job well done and the remaining kobolds destroyed, exploded by some unknown power. Gendra encountered a begger, and upon giving him money, was rewarded by a slip of paper in her hand. The paper was a letter given to the party by Captin Sentri

Adventure Log 6
Into the Dark Temple

The party woke up and arrived in the strange temple underneath the mountain. There they found a kobold wizard and his henchmen they were able to trick into revealing what was going on. Apparently the cult was trying to revive a dragon named Pyraxus by securing an artifact from the dragon’s ally, Thsathar Rho. The group continued through the area and found themselves in a large dead garden. Beyond the garden was a lower sanctum, containing a room where creatures were being transformed in pods and a temple construced of the flesh of still living mutated kobolds. They killed the priestess there and rested for the night.

Adventure Log 5

The group stumbled upon the corpses of some adventurers. They read a note clutched in the hand of one of them and found out that they were awaiting a savior from Obad-Hai while being attacked by the kobold cultists. The group continued into the cave and encountered a group of snipers, that they quickly dispatched. Their wanderings also led them to a dwarf who attacked them. They were able to disarm, subdue, and calm the dwarf, who mentioned he was trapped by the kobolds before leaving on his way. Continuing on, they found their way into a temple-like room. Gendra saw a demonic-like being attack her, but the others did not. They defeated a small group of Lemures and Gendra realized that the demon she saw was actually some kind of illusion.

Adventure Log 4
Day 11-20

After waking up, the group was attacked by Shadow Asps. They traveled through the small tunnel and found a ghoul amongst open graves. They defeated the ghoul and its undead allies and destroyed the bones by the graves in order to prevent them from rising.

They took all of the treasure there, including a black-bladed sword of ornate quality. They then decided to go to Khor’Mot. Arturia met a bard named Tune Majii, who asked her to keep an eye out for her missing father. They attempted to trade their magic sword for a bag of holding, but no one could determine the material the blade was made of.

On their return trip to the cave, the party encountered a rather big bird. It struck hard and took a long time to fell, but they defeated it, planning to use it for food.

Adventure Log 3
Days 8-10

The group swam through the water in the room they were in and proceeded through the narrow treasure room. They continued through the dungeon, scouring it for all treasure. They found a message written to Slazzik Balefire about a shipment of enchanted weapons being delivered to the cave.

On a return trip to town, the group encountered a Lupinal that wanted to drive out nearby Kuo-Toa. Brutus convinced him that there was a goblin army to the north that needed to be taken care of. He also warned him of Jack, in an attempt to drive the donkey man away.

In town, they sold their treasures, and debated on whether to travel to another town for better supplies. Brutus forged a restraining order against Jack, but no one saw him in town, so they returned to the cave.

They traveled along a river on a raft constructed from a large mushroom. They then went deeper into the cave and found themselves attacked by a giant spider. Quickly dispatching it, they landed on a shore and encountered an emaciated man who tried to bite Arturia. She quickly dispatched of him and they set up camp for the night.

Unfortunately, their rest was interrupted by a Lemure. Once they defeated it, they continued to sleep.

Adventure Log 2
The deceit against kobolds

The group found themselves surrounded by Slazzik Balefire and his band of Kobolds. Balefire did not make his intentions known to them, but his battalion of armed allies made the party not want to risk any chances. Using trickery, Gendra made the kobolds look for a non-existent silver dragon. The group defeated and killed all but two of the kobolds. Each kobold wore a golden pendant with a three-fingered claw.

The party returned to town to rest and sell their loot. On the way, they encountered an odd, but weak tornado-like elemental. Upon resting at the inn, Marcylla found herself returned to her normal self. The next morning, they saw Jack again, and Brutus told him that the best way to get the attention of women was to be heroic. Jack went off right away to prepare for his journey.

Returning to the cave, they plunged through the cavern and found the Kobolds they left alive were gone. They traveled through some passageways and encountered 6 Giant Fire Beetles, whose glowing parts were skull-shaped. They squeezed their way through some tunnels and swam through an underground waterway and found a treasure chest. Upon opening it, they discovered animated dolls and destroyed them.

Adventure Log 1
The Beginning of the Quest

Arturia and Marcylla met each other at the entrance to Haddler’s Gap after both surviving personal traumas. There they met Bob the Cart Driver, who provided them money to stay at the local inn to rest. They decided to stop at the Sign of the Watchful Wyvern, where they found the bouncer, Brutus at the door.

Eldoun The Axe came into the tavern and offered up free drinks to anyone who could defeat the Ogre bothering the townsfolk and the kobolds massing in the mountains. Gendra and Arturia volunteered quickly, and Brutus and Marcylla quickly offered their services after.

On their way to the cave that the ogre called its home, they ran intoJack, an Onegar. He seemed to take a liking to Marcylla, but the kurt attitude of Brutus and the sickly composure of Gendra drove him off.

They approached the mountain where the cave lay, and found the sky violent and dark. Within the cave, they encountered Logar the Ogre, who was sickly and calling out to them in a strange manner. Marcylla, in a fit of surprise, attempted to hit the ogre with a spell. Brutus was nearly beaten to death by the Ogre’s strength, but Arturia came in and sliced the diseased beast in half with her halberd.

Thanks to the healing of his comrades and the discovery of a potion of healing, Brutus was able to survive the attack. Marcylla suggested they go back to town to get some potions, Brutus quickly agreed and dragged along corpse of the dead Ogre as proof as they went back to town to get some potions before they continued through the cave.

Back in town, they retrieved some supplies and met Jack again, who wanted Marcylla to join a gathering of spellcasters with him, but she did not accept.

On the way back to the cave, they encountered a warforged scout, who was created by a mage he called “Malock.” They interrogated him, but he had not much information for them.

Back at the cave, they traveled deep into the dangerous cavern, fighting off some emaciated stirges and finally encountering the Kobolds, who were hiding up in a high ledge the party could not reach. Brutus convinced the kobolds that they were traders looking to open business with the kobolds. The kobolds responded by calling all of their friends and surrounding the group.

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