Tag: Enemies


  • Logbrag the Ogre

    Logbrag was once a bully, going around and extorting money and food from travelers in order to make his living. One day, he became violent and attacked towns. When the party arrived to stop his evil ways, they found Logbrag diseased and dieing in his cave …

  • Stygoth the Damned

    Stygoth the Damned was a black dragon who lived in the Great Swamp. He contracted a mysterious disease which drove him mad with pain. He attacked a caravan of [[Dragon Cult | Dragon Cultists]] and was encountered by the party, where he met his end.

  • Mad Hermit

    The Mad Hermit was an Elf who lived in the[[Great Swamp | Great Swamp]]. The Mad hermit was a necromancer who plotted to overthrow one he referred to as the "Witch Queen." He tried to get the party to join his army by killing them with his skeleton …