Saga of the Dragon Cult (Mavrickindigo)

Adventure Log 1

The Beginning of the Quest

Arturia and Marcylla met each other at the entrance to Haddler’s Gap after both surviving personal traumas. There they met Bob the Cart Driver, who provided them money to stay at the local inn to rest. They decided to stop at the Sign of the Watchful Wyvern, where they found the bouncer, Brutus at the door.

Eldoun The Axe came into the tavern and offered up free drinks to anyone who could defeat the Ogre bothering the townsfolk and the kobolds massing in the mountains. Gendra and Arturia volunteered quickly, and Brutus and Marcylla quickly offered their services after.

On their way to the cave that the ogre called its home, they ran intoJack, an Onegar. He seemed to take a liking to Marcylla, but the kurt attitude of Brutus and the sickly composure of Gendra drove him off.

They approached the mountain where the cave lay, and found the sky violent and dark. Within the cave, they encountered Logar the Ogre, who was sickly and calling out to them in a strange manner. Marcylla, in a fit of surprise, attempted to hit the ogre with a spell. Brutus was nearly beaten to death by the Ogre’s strength, but Arturia came in and sliced the diseased beast in half with her halberd.

Thanks to the healing of his comrades and the discovery of a potion of healing, Brutus was able to survive the attack. Marcylla suggested they go back to town to get some potions, Brutus quickly agreed and dragged along corpse of the dead Ogre as proof as they went back to town to get some potions before they continued through the cave.

Back in town, they retrieved some supplies and met Jack again, who wanted Marcylla to join a gathering of spellcasters with him, but she did not accept.

On the way back to the cave, they encountered a warforged scout, who was created by a mage he called “Malock.” They interrogated him, but he had not much information for them.

Back at the cave, they traveled deep into the dangerous cavern, fighting off some emaciated stirges and finally encountering the Kobolds, who were hiding up in a high ledge the party could not reach. Brutus convinced the kobolds that they were traders looking to open business with the kobolds. The kobolds responded by calling all of their friends and surrounding the group.



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